U+ SERIES Hello to the new collaboration way, let idea fly
P-cap touch technology gives you accurate & fast writing experience
±1mm touch accuracy
0.06s touch reponse
Optically bonded 4K display Optical bonding bring better viewing experience for the screen, also maximum dust & moisture protection as both cover glass and LCD cell adhesive together, making it an important benefit for safety reason in classrooms and meeting rooms






Storage Memory

USB-C type in the monitor All in one USB-C type support with USB-A, USB-B, HDMI, power charge
Umind Whiteboard
Different pens, Different Colors, Different scenes for class or meeting;
Free cut cotents & insert to Whiteboard
Broadcast Centrally manage all screens, Main screen to many screens wirless share content or broadcast, screens easy to join into the main screens.Inspire idea & be more effective in the meeting or class
Manage Files On The Display Easily access your documents from the cloud directly on the display

Screen & File Share

present content from any device with single click, enjoy two-way collaboration from display or your device

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